General Questions

Click on the Pump Truck icon.
Choose the state you’re in from the blue scroll down menu.
Browse the pumps available and click on the phone number of the business you choose to call them direct.
Click on the Pen/Create icon to create a job.
Enter job details by filling all fields and click on ‘Post this Job’.
Your job will be viewed by 100’s of pumpies within seconds! Members will receive text notification of your job, can view all details and apply for it if it suits them.
You will receive text notifications when members apply for your job.
Click on your job to view the list of applicants.
Click the green hand icon next to the business that you choose to offer them the job.
When they accept your offer you will receive the text, ‘Offer Accepted’ You’ve got a pump!
The job will then disappear from public view and only remain on the job issuer and successful applicant’s screens
Click on the Pen/Create icon to create a job.
Click on the button that says, ‘Urgent’ so that it is green.
Enter job details by filling all fields and click on ‘Post this Job’.
Urgent means same day or ASAP, because of this, the date and time of the job are not displayed. This feature should be used in situations such as breakdowns. Members will receive an ‘Urgent Job’ text notification. If a job is urgent try entering higher rates to entice applicants.
Click on the job that you wish to cancel.
Click on the red ‘Cancel Job’ button.
If there were no applicants the job will simply disappear. If you had applicants or had given the job to a member, they will be sent the text; ‘Job Cancelled’.
Click on the job you wish to edit.
Click on the ‘Edit’ button.
Make the changes you require.
Click ‘Save Changes’.

If you want a pump you must enter FAIR rates. Don’t expect businesses to apply for your job if you’re offering substandard money. If it’s a particularly busy day try offering higher rates to entice applicants.

Click on the Pump Truck icon.
Click on the ‘+’ icon.
Choose your State, Pump type and Boom size (if applicable).
Move the sliders across to display your AM/PM availability for the next 3 days.
Click on the Pump Truck icon.
Scroll to find your listing. Click on ‘Edit Availability’.
Move sliders to reflect changes.
Click ‘Save Changes’.
To delete all of your availabilities click ‘Remove from List’.
Click on the Star icon to view the jobs available.
Select ‘List’ or ‘Map’ buttons to choose how you want to view the jobs.
Click on the job to see all the details.
Click ‘Apply for this job’ (a text message will be sent to the job issuer notifying them of your application)  ORcall direct by clicking the phone number.
You will receive the text message, “You have been offered the job”.
You will then need to click the ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ button.
If you Accept you will receive another text confirmation, “You got the job!” (Unsuccessful applicants will receive the text message, “You didn’t get the job”).
If you Decline, the job issuer can offer it to someone else.
Check your spelling. If its wrong Google Maps won’ be able to find it.
When entering Suburb, State and Address, wait for the suggestion box to pop up and click on the correct suggestion. This enables Google Maps to pin point the exact job location on the map.
If your job is in a new estate it may not be in Google Maps yet. In this case, you can manually pinpoint the job address by clicking on the map and dragging the map around until the blue dot is where you want it. Then click ‘Set Location’.
Ensure that your Pump Connect notifications are ‘ON’ in the settings on your phone.
Go to settings.
Click notifications.
Click on Pump Connect App icon.
Click ‘Allow Notifications’.
Go to settings.
Click sounds and notifications.
Click App notifications.
Click on Pump Connect App.
Click ‘Allow Notifications’.
Check that you have phone reception.
You may have missed it. Once a job has been covered it will disappear from public view and remain only on the job issuer and successful applicant’s screen.
Check the three blue buttons on the home screen; Distance, Pump Type and Sort By.
These buttons act as filters. For example if you’ve clicked on the ‘Pump Type’ button and set the filter on Line pump only, the app will block Boom and Spray pump jobs from your view
It’s a good idea to keep the ‘Pump Type’ set on ‘Any’. If a job pops up that is urgent and they are looking for a Boom pump, you can always apply and write in your comments, “I have a Line pump available if that helps”. So it gives you more options.
You need to regularly refresh your screen to update the page. Do this by dragging down the screen and holding it for a few seconds OR reload the page by clearing your browsing history;
Double click home button.
Swipe windows upwards to close.
Click on Pump Connect App – page will be updated.
Click on ‘square’ overview button.
Swipe windows upwards to close.
Click on Pump Connect App – page will be updated.

Don’t be offended by low-ballers. All jobs are negotiable – you can apply for a job and add details to your application such as, “I can do your job for $ rate” OR “I can do your job but require payment on completion” OR If they’re looking for a particular type or size of pump that you don’t have, “I have a 26m Boom available if that helps”.

Click on the the Page/My Jobs icon.
Click on the ‘Applied’ button to view a list of jobs that you have applied for.
Click on the ‘Posted’ button to view jobs that you have posted.
Jobs will fade in colour once they have expired.
To delete a job from your library swipe from right to left.
Click on the ‘Remove’ button
The same way you do every day.
If you don’t know the business that you’ve accepted the job from, ensure that you have agreed to the payment terms BEFORE you do the job. Get credit card details. Pump Connect simply enables easier communication between parties. We are not involved in transactions of any kind and do not give assurances or guarantees of any business using the app. Exercise due diligence as you would in all your business transactions.
Go to the sign in page.
Click ‘Forgot your password’.
Follow the prompts.